Daily Bookmark: Brooklynite pens Halloween horror about multi-generational witch hunt

In “The Remaking,” the latest work from Brooklyn-based horror writer Clay McCleod Chapman, Ella Louise is a shunned woman living in the woods outside of Pilot’s Creek, Virginia, where the townspeople visit her apothecary shop in search of cures for their ailments. When one of her customers dies mysteriously, the locals quickly turn against Ella and her young daughter, capturing and burning both at the stake. 

Decades later, the story of Ella Louise has been baked into the town’s mythology as an urban legend, and one man who grew up hearing the story wants to bring it to life in the form of a horror flick. After some supernatural experiences on set, the cast starts to see there may be more to the story than small town superstition. 

Clay McCleod Chapman is an author, screenwriter and creator of the popular storytelling series “The Pumpkin Pie Show.” His past books include “Rest Area,” and “Nothing Untoward.” “The Remaking” will be on sale from Quirk Books beginning Oct. 8.

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