Daily Bookmark: In “Good Luck Girls,” #MeToo meets “West World”

Though Brooklyn-based writer Charlotte Nicole Davis set her debut YA novel in a fantasy Wild West empire called Arketta, the story has plenty of resonance with our current political reality. “Good Luck Girls,” on sale October 2019 from Tor Teen, follows five young girls who are social pariahs dubbed “dustbloods” due to their inability to cast a shadow, as they fight for the justice and freedom they’ve been denied since birth. 

The girls travel along the harrowing Bone Road, on the run from the “welcome house,” they were sold to as children. When one of the girls accidentally kills a man, they must band together and battle Arketta’s most powerful elites in order to survive. Their only hope lies in a myth passed from one girl to another, a tale that only the very desperate could buy into. 

Charlotte Nicole Davis grew up in Kansas City and now lives in Brooklyn. She’s a recent graduate of The New School’s Writing for Children MFA program. 

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