Daily Bookmark: Maddie Dawson knows the ultimate fantasy is a fresh start

Waking up to the news you’ve just inherited a valuable piece of real estate from a distant in-law is the stuff of dreams. How about a ready-made creative career that’s perfectly suited to your interests, with a built-in client base to boot? 

In “Matchmaking for Beginners,” on sale now from Lake Union Publishing, the heroine Marnie receives both in quick succession, when her new husband’s great aunt Blix dies and leaves behind a Brooklyn Brownstone and a thriving matchmaking service, to which Marnie is the perfect successor — never mind that Marnie has already ditched Blix’s nephew just two weeks into the marriage.  

Dawson is the author of seven novels, including 2014’s “The Opposite of Maybe.” According to Sarah Knight, bestselling author of “The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck,” Dawson’s novel’s “should come with a warning label: May cause tears, laughter, or all of the above.” She grew up in the South and now lives in Connecticut. 

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