Daily Bookmark: “Nobody’s Victim” is a #MeToo battle cry from the courtroom

At Carrie Goldberg’s victims’ rights law firm in Brooklyn, there are four types of offenders she confronts again and again: assholes, psychos, pervs and trolls. In “Nobodys Victim,” on sale August 13 from Plume, Goldberg builds a taxonomy of everyday perpetrators, and chronicles her legal battles to fight back against each and seek justice for her clients. 

Through a unique combination of “advocacy, badass relentlessness, risk-taking and client-empowerment,” Goldberg helps her clients come out on top after sexual violence and harassment. From the woman whose boyfriend made bomb threats in her name that caused a national panic, to the 15-year-old girl suspended from school after she reported a sexual assault on school grounds, to a man whose ex used a dating app to send over 1,200 strangers to his home and workplace for sexual rendezvous, Goldberg has seen it all. She shares the stories of her victories and defeats, as well as the personal experience which led her to victims’ rights law in the first place. 

Carrie Goldberg started her law firm specializing in victims’ rights in 2014. Prior to that, she worked at the Vera Institute of Justice and advocated for Nazi victims. Her life and work is the basis for an upcoming TV show. She lives in Brooklyn. 

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