Daily Bookmark: Dig into a startling exposé on the American food industry

From factory farms, to pesticides, to chemical-leeching packaging, the way we eat has changed dramatically since the industrial revolution — and not entirely for the better. With obesity and associated conditions on the rise, it’s plain to see America has forgotten how to feed itself, but the deluge of nutritional expertise doesn’t seem to be helping. With a new culinary culprit in the news every week, it only gets trickier to answer the deceptively simple question, what should I eat?

In “Formerly Known as Food,” on sale now from St. Martin’s Press, journalist Kristin Lawless cuts through the conflicting advice to get to the larger story behind America’s broken food system, and the dietary factors re-shaping our brains and our bodies from the inside out. She chronicles the ways our eating habits have altered our microbiomes and even the expression of our genes and lays out a simple dietary philosophy she calls the “Whole Egg Theory.”

Kristin Lawless is an author and journalist whose work has appeared in The New York Times, The Atlantic, Newsweek, VICE, Huffington Post and elsewhere. She’s a Certified Nutrition Educator and works as a nutrition consultant in New York City, where she lives with her husband and son in Brooklyn.

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