Daily Bookmark: Kristin Fields shines her light on the healing power of art

Books for many of us are an escape. Here’s one that explores the nature of escape itself — why we need it in the first place, and how we begin to recognize and dismantle the illusions that no longer serve us. In “A Lily in the Light,” on sale now from Lake Union Publishing, Brooklyn author Kristin Fields tells the story of a young girl whose passion for ballet turns from a hobby to a psychological necessity after tragedy strikes her family.

Eleven-year-old Esme is a gifted dancer with a bright future. When her seven-year-old sister is abducted, Esme’s family falls into chaos, and suddenly dance is all she has. Soon her talent will take her to San Francisco and later to Paris, but no matter how far she runs, her loss is never far behind. To reconcile with her family and reclaim her life, Esme will have to confront the darkness that stole her childhood and make peace with the home she left behind.

Kristin Fields was raised in Queens. She studied writing at Hofstra University and has since taught English for NYC public schools and worked in education at museums around the city. She lives in Brooklyn. “Lily in the Light” is her debut novel.

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