Tales of a changing Brooklyn: Pete Hamill’s ‘The Christmas Kid: and Other Brooklyn Stories’

Just released in late October, Pete Hamill’s The Christmas Kid: and Other Brooklyn Stories compiles thirty years’ worth of the writer’s Brooklyn-based tales.  Hamill, an acclaimed journalist and screenwriter, is inextricably linked to Brooklyn; born and raised in the borough, he has spent his career sharing poignant stories that illuminate Brooklyn’s rich history and character. In fact, this past September, the Brooklyn Book Festival honored Hamill with its Best of Brooklyn Inc. (BoBi) award, recognizing the author’s distinguished contributions to the borough’s literary scene.  The Christmas Kid: and Other Brooklyn Stories brings together numerous short stories that offer us a historical backdrop for New York as we know it today, incorporating tales that take place during the Great Depression and the Prohibition era. Hamill also includes stories set in a more modern Brooklyn, depicting the region as it responded to an influx of artsy professionals.  If you’d like to be transported to the Brooklyn that once was, Hamill’s compelling collection has much to offer and even features one previously unpublished story, “Up the Roof.”

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