Aging in style: the ‘Broad Appeal’ of growing older than sixty

Writer Sam Dawson celebrates growing older
Photo by Mark Sommerfield

Once you hit a certain age, your birthday no longer seems like something to celebrate. Rather, you begin to dread the day that number increases. The internet is rife with items like ‘Bumper Stickers for the Elderly,’ and such comical phrases are passed along virally: “Florida: God’s Waiting Room;”  “Cremation? Think Outside the Box;” “I’m So Old, When I Eat Out They Ask For Money Up Front.”

But there’s a new book that fosters a spirit of renewal about old age. Brooklyn Eagle recently featured Sam Dawson, an active philanthropist and former publicist, was particularly down when she reached age 60.  But instead of moping, she made it her mission to find a silver lining (no, not just in her hair) – she was determined to find a way to grow old in style.

Curious to hear how others felt about aging, Ms. Dawson interviewed seventy women and turned her findings into a hilarious, uplifting book, “Broad Appeal.” Dawson’s conversations disprove the “old hag” stereotype and reveal the perks of being older than 60.

Sam Dawson is a philanthropist, activist, actor and retired publicist. She is and active volunteer for a number of nonprofit organizations focused primarily on the needs and issues facing women and girls. She is a founding partner and grants chair of Impact Giving, a woman’s collective giving organization that, in its first three years, has granted nearly $350,000 to local and global nonprofit organizations. A portion of the sales from Broad Appeal will be donated to Impact Giving.  


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