Brooklyn Sci-Fi Bar Owner Creates A Cocktail Guide For Nerds

Image Courtesy of  St. Martin’s Press
Image Courtesy of St. Martin’s Press

If you’re a fan of Doctor Who, you’ve likely heard of The Way Station in Brooklyn, NY, owned and operated by Andy Heidel. Named one of the best sci-fi bars by Buzzfeed, Time Out, Village Voice, and more, it’s complete with a TARDIS bathroom and themed cocktails. Andy Heidel’s upcoming book, The Cocktail Guide to the Galaxy (St. Martin’s Griffin), has more of the themed cocktails his patrons know and love.

Nerd culture is currently at its height – superhero shows are some of the most popular on TV today, Comic Cons happen all around the country, and even Star Wars is releasing several new films over the next few years. This is the go-to book for anyone who loves nerdy pop culture (and booze). All of the cocktails have been created and field-tested by Heidel, so you can be assured these drinks will quench whatever thirst you’ve got, and there’s something here for all fans, from Agents of Shield to X-Men.

Author, Andy Heidel. Photo Credit: Giles Clement
Author, Andy Heidel. Photo Credit: Giles Clement

Filled with over 100 delicious and easy-to-make recipes, The Cocktail Guide to the Galaxy has pop culture references ranging from Guardians of the Galaxy to Back to the Future to Game of Thrones and more! There’s something here for everyone. Cocktails include the Jurassic Park Daiquiri, the Jameson T. Kirk, the Galaxy Quench, and, Close Encounters of the Third Lime, and the Shirley Temple of Doom.

Interspersed with helpful tips and anecdotes from Heidel, bar regulars, bartenders, and friends, this is sure to be THE best nerd cocktail book you’ll ever encounter.

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