Daily Bookmark: New Yorker cartoonist debuts new collection of surreal scribbles

Armed with a minimalist style and self-conscious sense of humor, cartoonist Liana Finck amassed a devoted following for her Instagram comics, which eventually helped to propel her into the pages of The New Yorker before her 30th birthday. In her new collection, “Excuse Me,” on sale now from Penguin Random House, Finck is at her most surprising and her most relatable. The book assembles over 500 of her cartoons from the past few years, covering topics including dating, politics, creativity and social anxiety. 

Liana Finck is the author of the 2018 graphic memoir “Passing for Human” and “A Bintel Brief,” a cartoon elegy to the early-20th-century Jewish immigrants who shaped New York. Finck will be at Books are Magic in Cobble Hill Oct. 3 for a reading and conversation with cartoonist Emily Flake about her new collection. The discussion starts at 6:30 p.m. and is free and open to the public.

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