Daily Bookmark: Unfathomable terror awaits in Cold War horror novel

What could be more frightening than finding yourself trapped in close quarters with a menacing figure who wants you dead? How about doing so while on a nuclear submarine, conducting a risky Cold War mission in hostile Russian waters, without light to reveal the malevolent creature lurking beside you in the ship’s dark confines?

In “100 Fathoms Below,” on sale now from Blackstone Publishing, Steven Kent and Nicholas Kauffman blend sci-fi, international intrigue and a sharp sense of the macabre into a riveting story. According to horror writer Grady Hendrix, the product is “what would happen if ‘The Hunt for Red October’ had a baby with ‘Salem’s Lot’ and it joined the Navy.” 

Steven Kent is the author of the bestselling series “The Ultimate History of Video Games.” Nicholas Kaufmann is the author of “Die and Stay Dead” and “In the Shadow of the Axe.” He lives in Brooklyn. 

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