Eagle’s own sports editor shines in debut novel


Image courtesy of Old Line Publishing, LLC & Maple Creek Media
Image courtesy of Old Line Publishing, LLC & Maple Creek Media

Brooklyn Eagle recently reported that Brooklynite John Torenli has recently published his debut novel, “Last of the Creeps” (Maple Creek Media). A seasoned reporter who has covered Brooklyn sports for the Brooklyn Eagle since 1999, Torenli now has revealed his talent as a fiction writer.

“Last of the Creeps” takes place in Bensonhurst, where Bobby Casanova – born and raised in Brooklyn – is struggling to get by. Torenli paints a compelling portrait of Bobby, who, in his 40s, is bald, broke, and still battling night terrors. Trying to stay afloat in his own neighborhood amidst its changing demographics while also dealing with lingering complications of a well-documented ‘70s strip-club murder-suicide, Bobby shifts between numerous odd-jobs, ranging from a linen warehouse security chief, to an overnight gas station attendant, to a part-time chauffeur.

Through his quest for romance, Bobby encounters several women, including Anne-Marie Gambale, who seems out of his league; Marnie Bellachio, a middle-aged spinster; and Nima, a beautiful Palestinian whom Bobby deems his “Forever Girl.”

Through a distinctly Brooklyn narrative that develops in three volumes, Torenli demonstrates his skill as a novelist, unveiling to readers the most human of characters.

“Last of the Creeps” is now available on amazon.com and barnesandnoble.com and will soon be available for Nook/Kindle.

Umit John Torenli has been the sports editor at the Brooklyn Daily Eagle since 1999. He has previously worked as an editor/newsperson at the Associated Press in New York, and several other news/sports web sites and wire services. He is a graduate of the State University of New York at Stony Brook. Last of the Creeps is his debut novel.

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