Susan Elia MacNeal is Back With A New Maggie Hope Mystery

Author, Susan Elia MacNeal –
Image credit: Noel MacNeal

Fans of Maggie Hope have been wondering what the British spy has been up to since 2018’s THE PRISONER IN THE CASTLE. Now, New York Times bestselling author and Brooklyn resident, Susan Elia MacNeal is out with the ninth installment in the mystery series. THE KING’S JUSTICE (Bantam Hardcover, Available Now) is an action-packed adventure set in 1940s London.

When we last saw British spy, Maggie Hope, she was being held prisoner on a remote Scottish island. But since her escape, she’s been taking a break from her life as a spy and behaving badly.

But as a serial killer terrorizes London, Hope realizes that she is the only one who can crack the case. She gets back into the game, and she is forced to face some old demons in the process.

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