Two Brooklyn writers teach readers the power of ‘yes’

We feel empowered and excited when we do things that challenge us.

And it’s all too easy to get stuck in a rut, and by accident, watch our worlds get smaller and smaller. Chicken Soup for the Soul noticed that its writers were fighting this impulse and using the power of “yes” to explore new things and challenge themselves.

“That’s how this book came about,” said Amy Newmark, publisher and editor-in-chief of the book series. “We saw so many stories from our contributors about challenging themselves to face their fears and try new things.

Linda Holland Rathkopf’s story “Gliding On” and Elana Rabinowitz’s “Pedal Power” are included in the book, which was released last month. Both authors are Brooklyn-based.

This new Chicken Soup for the Soul collection is bound to inspire everyone who reads it. Whether you’re looking for love or a new career, overcoming shyness or a phobia, spicing up your life with new foods or reaching out to make new friends, considering traveling alone or going on that scary roller coaster, you’ll find kindred souls in these pages.

“What I love about this book is that saying ‘yes’ is something that 100 percent of us can do,” says Newmark. “How many self-help projects are that easy? It takes only one second to make a decision to start experiencing life to the fullest by using the power of yes.”

Rathkopf is a playwright and fine artist/illustrator. Her plays have been produced in six states, her writings have been published in anthologies, and her artwork has been displayed in galleries around the country.

Rabinowitz is a writer, teacher and world traveler. She was born and raised in Brooklyn, where she currently teaches.

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