‘Waiting for the Bomb’ explores writer’s struggle to author book on 9/11

Richard Livsey. Photo courtesy of the author

Author to speak in Park Slope

Trent Travers is a young writer who is determined to write a book about 9/11. The protagonist in Richard Livsey’s debut novel “Waiting for the Bomb,” Trent has spent years toiling in creative doubt and frustration, but is finally ready to challenge himself and compose something of worth.

But there’s one problem: his longtime girlfriend has just left him for a famous author. Now, writing a book has taken on a new meaning for him. Between his own inner struggles and lost love, the situation becomes so intense that he finds himself overwhelmed and completely blocked. His literary voice is silenced by fear, envy and a broken heart.

Image courtesy of the author

If you’re curious to hear more, you can hear Livsey, a Rockaway Beach-based writer, read from and speak about his novel at the Williamsburgh Library (240 Division Ave.) on Tuesday, Dec. 17th at 5 p.m. Livsey is the Editor In Chief of the pop culture blog mentalswag.com.

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