Daily Bookmark: New sci-fi novel imagines the ultimate out-of-body experience

During a late-night experiment in Midwestern barn, a scientist searching for a cure for Alzheimer’s finds her consciousness suddenly transferred into her husband’s body. Twenty years later, that technology is replicated, marketed and has transformed her life — and the world as we know it. 

In “Anyone,” a forthcoming novel from comic book writer Charles Soule, everybody has the opportunity to be someone else, for a price. The technology, called “flash,” allows people to temporarily occupy another person’s skin, for travel, warfare or just plain fun. But a shady black market for body rental is forming, and the unregulated underground is leading to a startling rise in reckless sex, drug use and much worse. 

“Anyone” is the second novel by Charles Soule, the New York Times-bestselling author of “The Oracle Year,” which was named Goodreads.com’s 2018 Sci-Fi Book of the Year. He lives in Brooklyn. 

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