Daily Bookmark: Brooklyn-based plant expert teaches urbanites how to forage

Throughout our region, edible plants and mushrooms are abundant — even in urban areas like Brooklyn, if you know where to look. In “The Forager’s Feast: How to Identify, Gather and Prepare Wild Edibles,” Brooklynite Leda Meredith teaches aspiring DIY harvesters which plants are safe, where to find them and some tasty recipes made with foraged ingredients. 

Whether your interest is as a cook or an off-the-grid survivalist, Meredith’s tips and tricks will show you how to make a tasty meal out of wild plants like Japanese knotweed, plantain leaves, dandelion flowers or red clover blossoms. With dozens of recipes with step by step instructions for finding and preparing widely available plants, alongside 75 original color photographs, “The Foragers Feast” will forever change the way you look at weeds. 

Leda Meredith is a writer and home cook based in Brooklyn. She leads foraging tours, does food preservation demos and teaches medicinal and edible plant workshops at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and many other organizations. Her past books include “Northeast Foraging,” and “Preserving Everything.” 

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