Two books by David McCullough: 40th Anniversary Edition of The Great Bridge and The Greater Journey

Photo by William B. McCullough

Have you walked over the Brooklyn Bridge yet this summer? Ever wonder what went into the building of the special structure that joins two of New York City’s great boroughs? Just last month, the 40th Anniversary Edition of David McCullough’s The Great Bridge was published with a new preface by the two-time Pulitzer Prize and two-time National Book Award-winning author himself. The Great Bridge traces the history of the bridge’s construction, from the lives lost during the fourteen-year project to the social politics surrounding the endeavor. McCullough also divulges the crucial role that the Roebling family played in the bridge’s construction.

First published 40 years ago, The Great Bridge is a timeless narrative that will captivate readers, especially those with a particular interest in New York City and Brooklyn. McCullough’s insightful preface in the republished edition allows readers to infuse their understanding of the bridge’s history with a fresh perspective and reflection on the remarkable project.

McCullough’s newest book, The Greater Journey: Americans in Paris, is another compelling historical account. This #1 National Bestseller highlights the enthralling yet largely unknown histories of career-driven Americans who migrated to Paris between 1830 and 1900 in an effort to pursue their ambitions. McCullough investigates numerous historical figures including Mark Twain and Ralph Waldo Emerson, revealing to readers both the allure of Paris and the adventures it bestowed. For those who love history or our namesake bridge, both of these books should be richly rewarding.

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